Mistakes people make when moving furniture

Moving houses is a pretty complicated task that is full of potential pitfalls. There are so many things that can easily be forgotten, particularly when it comes to preparation. Moving furniture is particularly tricky as it can be rather heavy and bulky, and often involves specific procedures and practices to ensure that the piece is properly transported. Many people make a number of mistakes when it comes to moving furniture as they are simply not informed of how it should be done. This can lead to unfortunate mishaps, particularly when it comes to damage. Thus, it doesn’t matter how small-scale or large-scale your move is, as every piece of furniture should be properly cared for throughout the moving process. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when moving furniture and why it might be a lot easier to hire a house mover in Singapore instead of taking on this responsibility yourself. 

Not disassembling everything that can be disassembled 

When dealing with furniture, the first rule is to disassemble everything that you can disassemble. While this might seem like an obvious thing to do, it is surprisingly common for this step to be skipped. Most people don’t want to waste their time disassembling furniture and believe that it can be moved without this step. While disassembling furniture can be quite time-consuming, particularly with the more intricate furniture with lots of small bits and pieces, it is much more convenient to waste your time than to risk damage. 

Skipping this step can very often lead to something going wrong, at which point it is too late to fix the problem or will prove to be rather costly to fix. If you don’t have the time to disassemble and reassemble furniture, a house moving service in Singapore can ensure that everything is disassembled and reassembled quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Not packing and labelling screws, nuts and bolts separately 

Screws, nuts and bolts are essential, working to hold everything together. Often, people are more focused on the big parts instead of realising that these tiny pieces are just as important. In order for everything to be safely transported, a professional home mover in Singapore will often place these small parts inside sealed plastic bags, parallel with the disassembled parts of furniture that you will also have. These baggies should be properly labelled as well so that you know exactly which ones correspond to which pieces of furniture. This way, when you are reassembling them, you will not have to spend time looking for them or worry about losing them during the move. 

Not wrapping furniture properly 

When it comes to moving furniture, one of the most common mistakes is not protecting it properly. Not every item requires the same sort of protection or the same amount of protection, but most furniture will require some degree of special treatment. You should ensure that all your furniture is safely kept inside a moving truck. In order to prevent more unstable or fragile items from getting damaged inside the truck, wrapping furniture parts in plastic wrap is mandatory. This plastic wrap protects furniture effectively. 

For more valuable furniture, you should use moving blankets. These are thicker and can protect your furniture during the move a lot more effectively. This can also ensure that the furniture doesn’t damage the walls of your new home. A moving service in Singapore will often have special packing materials for these moves, but you can just add another layer of protection for your furniture with things like cardboard boxes, quality packaging tape or other kinds of wrapping material. 

Moving furniture yourself 

Don’t try to take too many things on and lift heavy furniture by yourself. This often ends up with the person breaking their back or damaging the furniture—or sometimes both! When moving heavy furniture, it is important to get as many helping hands as possible. You can get friends or family to help or hire a professional house mover in Singapore

Consider hiring a house mover in Singapore for your next move 

Moving houses can be very stressful and overwhelming. It can also be very time-consuming and can easily result in a lot of damaged furniture, which is the last thing you want for your new home. A professional house mover in Singapore can ensure that you are protecting your furniture and belongings as best as possible. 

Zealous Mover is a residential mover in Singapore that understands the importance of good planning while providing tailor-made moving services for all clients. We can ensure that all your needs are met. You don’t have to worry about your furniture with us, as we are well-trained in handling your belongings to ensure maximum protection, using all the latest moving technologies and protective wraps. 

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