How to choose the best moving company in Singapore?

Moving is often quite a hassle. Whether you are relocating your home or moving offices, there needs to be a high level of care and attention placed on ensuring that all your belongings are kept in the best shape. A moving company in Singapore can help you accomplish a smooth relocation. However, finding quality movers in Singapore is not a very straightforward or easy task. If you hire the wrong mover you could end up with damaged property and belongings or missing valuables. To ensure that this does not happen to you, here are some of the most important things to look out for when choosing a moving service in Singapore. 

Do your research 

It is important to do sufficient research on any mover that you consider. First, you can start by getting recommendations from friends or family members. Then look for their reviews online and see whether most clients have also found their services satisfactory. Be sure to look at any customer complaints that they have received online, as well as whether they have taken the time to resolve them. If they seem responsive to complaints and seem to have taken steps to address the shortcomings then there is a good chance that they are trying to deliver the best possible service.

Get estimates

Once you have compiled a shortlist of potential moving companies from online reviews, you can get estimates from them. If a moving company doesn’t give you an on-site estimate, you probably shouldn’t hire them. Aim to get at least three estimates so that you know the price range and ensure that you find out everything that is included in their services. The last thing you want is to hire movers in Singapore only to find out that they don’t provide packing materials. Ask for everything they provide and ensure that you know the pricing of each so that you avoid any unexpected costs on moving day. Remember that the cheapest mover is probably not the best one and that good movers often don’t come cheap. By getting a range of estimates, you can compare moving companies so that you can find the perfect balance between quality and price. 

Check for  experience and credentials

You are going to want to ensure that your house movers in Singapore are reputable businesses. It helps to know how long they have been in the industry, as a proven track record can give you some insight into the quality of their services. However, do not stop there. You should scrutinize any potential moving company thoroughly to ensure that they are operating legally and don’t have a questionable background. You can ask them for any credentials they have and whether they are properly licensed and insured. Insurance, in particular, is important as this can help protect your property if something were to happen during the relocation. 

Get a moving inventory

Good movers in Singapore will take a thorough look at your belongings and take an inventory of them to determine the bulk and weight of your move. The estimator will need to be very meticulous and look through all of your storage places, including cupboards, drawers, garages, etc. A good estimator will ask questions about what you plan to take to your new location, so be prepared to inform them of your plans. If you plan to give certain items away or leave items for the new owners, this will affect their moving inventory. A large component of the mover’s price is based on the weight and space that your goods take up in the trunk, so be sure that you understand his estimate of the inventory and ensure that it is as accurate as possible. 

Find the best movers in Singapore

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