Start Packing Early

Packing usually takes about two weeks to complete. Please start early.

Keep or Discard

Decide what to keep and what to discard before you start packing.

Packing Order

Pack items that you are likely to need the least first, ie keep everyday items for packing last.

Utilise all Available Capacity

Maximise the capacity of the packing boxes but do not exceed 20kg per box. Make sure that the bottom of the boxes is well taped before packing. Stuff open spaces with plain newspaper.

Label your Boxes

Label each box clearly (e.g. destination, contents) so that the boxes can be moved into the correct destinations. It comes in handy during unpacking. Boxes containing fragile and breakable items should be clearly labelled as such.

Warehousing and Packing Materials Services

Use appropriate packing materials for each item class. For fragile items, check with your mover on what would be an appropriate warehousing and packing material for them.


Important and valuable items such as deeds, cheques, keys, laptops, private files, jewellery, crystals, collectibles and cash should be packed separately from other belongings. Carry them to the new location personally and keep them safely in a locked room. Essential items such as medicines should be set aside for easy access.

Dangerous or combustible items such as cooking gas tanks or petrol, paints, disposable lighters, bleach, fireworks or plant sprays pose as a potential threat of fires and explosions.



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